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Boozy Shakerato

boozy shakerato

boozy shakeratoPerfect for an after dinner pick-me-up or a morning wake-up call, this boozy shakerato recipe is as versatile as it is delicious. Limoncello not your thing? Sub in ½ oz. sambuca or ½ oz amaretto for a different spin.

Double shot of espresso
1¼ oz. limoncello
¼ oz. simple syrup (1:1)
Tools: shaker, strainer
Glass: sherry glass

Combine the simple syrup, espresso and your choice of either limoncello, sambuca or amaretto in shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously to create a fully aerated, fluffy drink. Strain into an after-dinner glass.

Heather Perkins, DiAnoia’s Eatery, Pittsburg


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