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At Leyenda, the Playlists Blend Influences Near and Far

For Leyenda co-owner Ivy Mix (who’s also co-founder of Speed Rack and co-owner of FIASCO! Wine and Spirits), offering a space that feels inviting to everyone has always been central to the bar’s mission. “When I moved to Central America I was struck by how welcoming everyone was. The ‘mi casa es tu casa’ sentiment was so strong, way stronger than my home in central Vermont. I think this is the ethos bars should have.”

To reflect that feeling through the bar’s music, Mix was inspired by her travels through Latin America, and she says the DJs at Guadalajara mezcal bar Pare de Sufrir were a notable influence. “The spirits, the culture, the food of this part of the world all have a liveliness, and so does the music. It all goes hand in hand: bright, vibrant, upbeat, and we wanted to echo that at Leyenda.”

In order to tailor the soundscape to the bar, Mix infuses the playlist with other sources that make the music also feel close to home. “I get a lot from Shazaming the music in my neighborhood. I live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and there’s a ton of reggae, dancehall, cumbia, and more,” she says. “I love the integration of early 2000s hip hop and r&b—my personal favorite genre. That’s a little nod to my background and what I grew up listening to.”

All together, the compilation achieves a perfect blend of Mix’s affinity for Latin America and the bar’s Brooklyn roots. She recommends playing the playlist below on shuffle, ideally with one of the bar’s cocktails in hand.

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