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Imbibe’s Kickstarter Campaign Watch

Photo: Courtesy of Erik Shirai
Time for another look at what’s new in the world of drinks-related projects over on Kickstarter! Here are four campaigns that we’re keeping an eye on right now:

Documentary filmmaker Erik Shirai has nearly completed this impressive project, which tells the story of life at the family-owned and operated sake brewery, Tedorigawa. However, he and his crew still need to film a few additional scenes in Japan. With just over two weeks and another $40,000 to go, The Birth of Sake needs your help if it’s going to make it to the big screen. Click here for more info.

A recipe collection, history book and game all in one, this deck is fully useable for all your favorite card games, and every card is beautifully decorated with sketches of cocktail glasses, bars and other drinks-related embellishments. For a donation of just $12, you’ll get a deck of your very own, as soon as they’re fully funded. Click here for more info.

What could be more Portland than directly traded, small batch-roasted, bike-delivered coffee? Sure enough, Crank Coffee was an instant Portland hit. Business has exploded, doubling in just one month, and now they need a better, more efficient bike than the ultra-heavy Dutch bike they currently use. They have their sights on two new cargo bikes from Denmark, which will allow them to deliver more coffee faster. Click here for more info.

Home soda brewer Erica David has been making her fruity, probiotic soda in Boulder, Colorado, for years now, and she’s finally ready to go pro. A hit among friends and family around town, the sodas already have a local following. With a bold, cheery label and delicious recipes, all she needs now is your help. Click here for more info. 

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