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Drink of the Week: Brooklyn Kura Occidental Sake

While exploring the world of drinks, there’s nothing I love more than learning something new and being surprised. And so it was with both surprise and delight that, while sipping through a flight of sakes at the new Brooklyn Kura taproom, I was poured a glass of their Occidental Sake. A barely there shade of pale pink in the glass, the Occidental is a Junmai Gingo sake dry-hopped with Citra hops, which contribute the subtle hue and the astonishing aroma. I believe my exact words upon first sniff were “… whoa.”

Founded in 2018 by Brian Polen and Brandon Doughan, Brooklyn Kura has always blended sake fundamentals with American craft brew creativity. Even the name Occidental means “of the west.” The Occidental sake is made with Calrose rice and brewed in the Junmai Gingo style (meaning the rice is polished to at least 60 percent, or 70 percent in this case). This results in fresh, floral, and fruity flavors. The Citra hops give a big boost to the aroma, with bright citrus and tropical fruit. The flavor is awash with juicy lychee, tart grapefruit, and a hint of toasty, malted sweetness.

A popular but limited release, the Occidental Sake is not always available. So jump on the chance to snag a bottle when you can. Currently, Brooklyn Kura is selling it as part of their Valentine’s Day bundle along with a box of sake kasu truffles from chocolate maker Noé No Omise. But if you live outside their shipping region, you can also nab a bottle from Tippsy Sake. $55, tippsysake.com

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