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Imbibe 75 Place to Watch: Be Bright Coffee

Like wine, the language of coffee can be complex, occasionally to the point of inaccessibility. For longtime industry pro Frank La and his wife, Michelle, creating Be Bright Coffee in Los Angeles was an opportunity to serve a product that everyone could enjoy. When they launched online in 2020, their coffee was given simple markers like “Dark & Bold” and “Rich & Smooth.”

“We wanted to bridge the gap between really exquisite specialty coffee and the average coffee drinker who may not know the lingo and the language,” explains Frank La. “The main thing was, we wanted our customers to get the exact kind of coffee they want.”

After successful runs as a pop-up at the LA Smorgasburg, and winning the 2021 US Cold Brew Championship, Be Bright’s first brick-and-mortar opened in October, serving popular flagship drinks (like the Black Sesame Crunchy Butter Mocha and the Happy Camper), thoughtful teas, and simply delicious coffees on Melrose Avenue.

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