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Few things add an air of celebration to an occasion— from an already momentous moment to an average evening in—like a bottle of bubbly. So lean in to the indulgence with a few essentials to make the most of it.

Vineyard Champagne Glass It’s nice to have Champagne flutes in the cupboard, but you might only pull them down a few times a year, so we favor a classic—and affordable—option. Made in the Czech Republic, these flutes accentuate aromatics with a slightly larger bowl while still preserving precious bubbles. $16.95,

Champagne Stopper Though too much Champagne is never a problem, wasted Champagne would be a real tragedy. To keep unfinished bottles fresh and sparkling, this simple, snap-on stopper holds the bottle pressure with a medical-grade plastic seal and a chrome-steel arm that latches around the bottle’s neck. $5.95,

Elegance Optic Belle Coupe A coupe may do few favors for Champagne’s bubbles, but the playful Gatsby aesthetics make up for it—especially for a celebration. These gorgeous crystal coupes from Irish glassmaker Waterford fit the bill with a deep V plunge, a paper-thin rim, and a subtle optic shimmer for a vintage- meets-modern style. $75/set of 2,

Morgenthaler Champagne Sabre Champagne calls for theatrics, and sabering open a bottle is a sure way to kick off a celebration. The Morgenthaler Champagne Sabre uses a perfectly angled blunt blade made from vacuum-cast hardened stainless steel, with a chevron- textured grip to boot. $66.99,

Jax Small Ivory Leather Bar Tray Serve drinks in style with this chic bar tray in gold-hued stainless steel. The tray has the added benefit of a leather-lined bottom to help prevent stemware from sliding around. $39.95,

Hammered Stainless-Steel Wine Bucket Whether chilling fresh bottles or keeping things cool between toasts, few technologies are as effective as a good old ice bucket. This hammered stainless steel option is sturdy, attractive, and economical. $29.95,

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