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For those evenings when you’re stuck indoors, we suggest going old school and breaking out a game, grabbing your favorite beverage and letting the good times roll. We recently took our own advice, and these five games emerged the favorites.

BeerIQ Bring your boast-worthy beer knowledge to the table with team-based BeerIQ. An unbiased “clerk” charts each team’s brew intelligence as they tackle intriguing multiple-choice questions ranging from Italy’s most popular beer to brewing ingredients and aromas. $24.95, helvetiq.com

Mini Flip Cup This college standard gets a downsized upgrade from two childhood friends from Minneapolis. The wooden paddle-shaped board can be easily arranged at the table and comes with everything you’ll need (sans beverage of your choice), so divide into teams and start flipping. $39.99, minibeerpong.com

Prosecco Pong Portable with a quick setup, Prosecco Pong presents a glamorized take on beer pong. Classy enough for a formal event yet modest enough for a casual shindig, the game’s plastic Prosecco glasses guarantee breakage-free fun. $19.50, talkingtables.com

Top That Toast Intimidated by that big-league Champagne toast? Squash those fears with this card game, set to equip you with a toast for any occasion. Grab a bottle of bubbly and at least three friends, then deliver odes on everything from movie quotes to fast food in styles like 10-Word Toast and Rhyme Time. $20, amazon.com

Wine Wars True or false: Diacetyl, used to make butter-flavored margarine and popcorn, is the same compound found in buttery Chardonnay (psst, it’s true!). Challenge friends to vine-based trivia in categories like Cork Culture, Grapeosphere, and Wine and Food. Perfect for the wine-savvy book club or anyone looking to learn more about the spectrum from Albariño to Zinfandel. $24.95, barnesandnoble.com

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