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Drink of the Week: Tōv Coffee Mint Thing

While we’re all drinking at home for the foreseeable future, we thought it would be fitting to turn inward for our usual Drink of the Week column and share the drinks our staff is reaching for while inside. This week’s entry comes from senior editor, Penelope Bass. We’d also love to hear from you, so tell us what you’re drinking right now by using the #imbibegram #drinkoftheweek hashtags on twitter and instagram!

Singing the praises of a secret hiking trail or your favorite under-the-radar restaurant often means they don’t stay undiscovered for long. But some things are too good not to share, and the Mint Thing falls squarely in this category. While Portland, Oregon, has no shortage of fantastic coffee shops, I have the good fortune to live a mere two blocks from Tōv Coffee, a former double-decker bus-turned-coffeehouse that specializes in Egyptian and Turkish coffee. They also mix up intriguingly delicious coffee drinks made with from-scratch ingredients, such as Sounds Like Trouble with the Cops, a latte with a vanilla rum syrup, and the Cozy Yum Yum with chai, rose, caramel and apple cider. But the star for me has always been the Mint Thing, a cold-brew coffee with a touch of mint syrup and your creamer of choice, if so desired. (Side note: When you order a Mint Thing at the shop, they serve it on cold-brew ice cubes, a simple touch that is equal parts brilliant and generous). The Mint Thing became so popular that owner Joe Nazir decided to start canning it for sale at local grocery stores. But with businesses still in varying states of closure and coffee shops pivoting to find new ways to serve customers, the Mint Thing is now available for nationwide shipping. The canned version comes premixed with oat milk and otherwise contains just coffee, raw cane sugar and mint. They are sweet, creamy, surprisingly refreshing, and I will happily sing their praises from the rooftops. $36/6-pack, mintthing.com

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