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Drink of the Week: Táche Pistachio Milk

I’ve tried a lot of alt-milks since opting out of cow’s milk entirely two years ago. And while my at-home coffee routine generally doesn’t include add-ons, a café au lait (drip coffee topped with steamed milk) is one of my favorite indulgences to order while out. With my coffee shop visits significantly decreasing over the past year, I recently dedicated several Sunday mornings to attempting my own café au lait at home. Armed with a battery-powered whisk, I set to work on two different oat milks and an almond milk. The resulting foams felt half-hearted and quickly deflated (if they even made it that far). Still, I refused to give up on making silky, nondairy foam a reality. Enter Táche.

This plant-based alt-milk is made entirely from pistachios, and it stays true to the nut’s natural flavor. The brand’s original blend includes cane sugar (Táche also offers an unsweetened), which nods to the natural sweetness of pistachios, and it’s balanced by a touch of salt. While many of the biggest players in the non-dairy milk arena add canola or rapeseed oils for a fuller body, Táche eschews oil and still manages to pull off an incredibly frothable beverage, while remaining shelf stable. The first time I put my whisking wand to work on Táche’s original blend, it transformed into a velvety, glossy foam perfect for my café au laits. I’ve even ventured early into cold-brew season with a splash of Táche, and it consistently tastes like pure wizardry. Visit Táche’s website for their store locator, or order online for $48/6 pack.

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