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Drink of the Week: Stumptown Cold Brew Concentrate

Stumptown Cold Brew

While we’re all drinking at home for the foreseeable future, we thought it would be fitting to turn inward for our usual Drink of the Week column and share the drinks our staff is reaching for while inside. This week’s entry  comes from associate editor, Emma Mannheimer. We’d also love to hear from you, so tell us what you’re drinking right now by using the #imbibegram #drinkoftheweek hashtags on twitter and instagram! 

In my newly established work-from-home routine, my morning cold-brew coffee ritual has become more important than ever. Each day, I pick my glass, pop in a handful of ice cubes, fill halfway with Stumptown Cold Brew Concentrate, then add oat milk at a 1:1 ratio before stirring, staring into the swirling colors as it blends, annnnd cue the mental drift (a familiar meditative moment that feels especially comforting in these uncertain times).

Easy to mix and deliciously smooth, this versatile concentrate also works great mixed with other ingredients, like my devised hack on Stumptown’s Piña Colada Cold Brew (developed by bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler), which combines it with coconut milk and sweetened pineapple juice. Stumptown has additional ideas on how to use the concentrate here. SRP $12, available nationwide at retailers including Whole Foods

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