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Drink of the Week: Longleaf Tea Co. Revival Black Tea

My dad was a dedicated iced tea drinker. I never once saw him drink a cup of coffee in the morning—it was always a glass of iced tea, regardless of season. While I incorporate a bit more variety than he did (and my morning beverage absolutely must be hot), I do still have a sentimental penchant for strong black iced tea. And so I’ve been enjoying brewing up cups of Longleaf Tea Company‘s Revival black tea.

The Mississippi-based tea estate was planted in 2018 by husband-and-wife Thomas and Hillary Steinwinder—we even featured Longleaf Tea Co. in our Imbibe 75 issue this year. Experimenting with the flavors that can be expressed through the cultivation of American-grown tea, Longleaf currently produces black, green, and white teas, harvested and processed with the growing seasons. The plants’ first flush in April harkens the first batches of the year up for sale.

The Revival is a loose-leaf black tea, with the long, graceful leaves brewing up a deeply amber-colored cup. Toasty, earthy aromas are complemented by a malty sweetness that I like to emphasize with a little milk and honey when drinking hot. When the tea is iced, more savory notes emerge and make for an extra refreshing glass. Served either way, the tea is a delicious representation of Longleaf’s Mississippi terroir. $14.99/1 oz., longleaftea.co

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