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Drink of the Week: Les Vins Pirouettes “Eros de Vincent”

A few weeks ago, beneath the first full moon of 2023, I gathered with a couple of friends for an evening of intention setting. In between reading tarot cards and howling at the moon, we popped open a few bottles of wine. The standout of the evening was Les Vins Pirouettes “Eros de Vincent,” a lovely bottle of orange wine from Alsace. A leader in biodynamic winemaking in the region, Christian Binner created the collaborative project Les Vins Pirouettes among a group of young Alsatian winegrowers, with deliciously intriguing results.

Whether you’re wary of skin-contact wines or already a devoted drinker, Les Vins Pirouettes “Eros de Vincent” hits the mark. Made with a blend of Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Auxerrois, the wine is fermented on the skins for 25 days, followed by eight months of aging in oak. The result is both richly complex and bright, with enough tart funk to please orange wine lovers, but crisp and fresh enough to tempt those otherwise averse. Aromas of baked fruit and spice carry through to flavors of juicy citrus and tropical fruit. Decidedly easy-drinking, the “Eros de Vincent” makes for a good pairing with cheese platters and full-moon rituals. $29.99, sf.flatiron-wines.com

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