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Drink of the Week: Isle of Harris Gin

If there is a more perfect cocktail for stiflingly hot summer weather than a crisp, icy Gin & Tonic, I have yet to sample it. As we experienced brutal temps in the Pacific Northwest this past week, an interesting bottle serendipitously crossed my desk: Isle of Harris Gin, a new-to-the-states release from Scotland, brought in by MISA Imports. On the largest island of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides, the Isle of Harris Distillery opened in 2015 with the aim to create meaningful economic impact and generational opportunities for the small island community. Keeping the emphasis local, the distillery created their flagship gin highlighting an ingredient sustainably harvested from the surrounding sea-lochs—sugar kelp seaweed. It’s a unique addition to be sure, but as we explored in our gin package, the global gin diaspora sees makers incorporating their native ingredients worldwide.

Proudly owning its maritime influence, the Isle of Harris Gin puts sugar kelp in the starring role, then rounds out the lineup with eight more traditional botanicals, including juniper (naturally), coriander, bitter orange peel and licorice root, making the gin brightly aromatic with a subtle spiciness. While you may be hard-pressed to pinpoint “seaweed” among the flavors, the gin carries a gentle creaminess with a hint of salinity, and the final result is an exceptionally crisp and flavorful spirit that truly sings in a Gin & Tonic. $59.99, binnys.com

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