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Drink of the Week: ChocoLat Deluxe Triple Chocolate Liqueur

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean I ignore the endless parade of chocolate treats lining store aisles. Still, I’d prefer a decidedly more grown-up option, and it’s the only at this time of year I trade out my go-to Martini for a decadent chocolatey cocktail. The ChocoLat Deluxe Triple Chocolate Liqueur (15% ABV), which scored “Highly Recommended” in the 2022 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, hits the spot with its rich chocolate flavor, velvety creaminess, and balanced sweetness.

As a bonus, you can buy a bottle for less than $20, making it the right price for using in baking, adding to a cup of coffee, or mixing in an Espresso Martini for an indulgent after-dinner sipper. $16.49,

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