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Drink of the Week: 8 Wired Big Smoke

8-wired-big-smoke-dotwSmoked beers are not just heady warmers built for brisk winter nights. New Zealand brewery 8 Wired has grilled fare on the mind with its take on rauchbier. The Big Smoke smoked porter is deceptively light, with a relatively low ABV of 6.2% and a mouthfeel that’s more akin to a summer shawl than a winter parka. The beechwood smoked malt integrates nicely with flavors of baking chocolate, raisin and nutty undertones. There’s even a rousing finale, in the form of Southern Cross and Willamette hops, which add a pleasing jolt of bitterness and cut into the mild sweetness of the malt bill. $10 per 16.9 oz. bottle, 8wired.co.nz.


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