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Summer’s Best Boozy Ice Creams

boozy ice creamsAs summer reaches its torrid peak, many of America’s best ice cream makers are enhancing their churned delights with a splash of booze. We’ve done the dirty work and rounded up our favorite frozen indulgences to get you through summer’s remaining swelter. Devilishly smooth and strongly spirited, these boozy ice creams are the perfect pick-me-up during the dog days.

Capogiro Gelato Artisans |
Pompelmo con Campari

Only ingredients of the highest caliber, like hand-squeezed Persian limes and local herbs, make their way into Capogiro’s frozen treats. Using the slow churn of gelato blades, Capogiro manages to revamp a traditionally icy dessert into a creamy delicacy. Their incredibly bright Pompelmo con Campari vegan sorbet is so smooth it’ll make you rethink dairy all together. Bursting with zesty notes of fresh grapefruit expertly complemented by bitter Campari, it’s the perfect summer indulgence. $60/6,

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams | Whiskey & Pecan Pralines
For 70 years, McConnell’s has relied on carefully sourced ingredients. From this family-run scoop shop comes smoky sugar rush, Whiskey & Pecan Pralines. Milk and cream from California’s central coast get cozy with Kentucky bourbon whiskey and salt-roasted, caramel-coated Mascot Pecans. The boost of whiskey perfectly complements this buttery crowd pleaser. $12,

Tipsy Scoop | Frosé All Day
Cocktails, both classic and contemporary inspire New York hotspot Tipsy Scoop. For their Frosé All Day, summer’s trendiest drink makes its move to the pint. This sorbet, made exclusively with Notorious Pink Rosé and white peach purée, is ripe with stone fruit flavors and a hint of citrus. The icy texture is more refreshing than a cool breeze, and you’d better believe us when we say it goes down easy. $99/4,

Coolhaus | Bananas Foster
Architecture and the Bauhaus movement serve as the unlikely inspiration behind Natasha Case and Freya Estreller’s California-based Coolhaus. An array of inventive and liquored-up flavors, including Maker’s Manhattan and Bananas Foster, put Coolhaus at the top of their boozy cone game. A gooey Appleton Estate rum-laced dulce de leche reduction is swirled into fruit-forward banana ice cream, brilliantly translating the very essence of the classic caramelized dessert to the scoop. $69.99/6,

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams | Hard Cider Sorbet
Apple’s crisp flavor is flawlessly captured by Ohio-based Jeni’s. Puréed Granny Smith apples are blended with fermented ones from Chicago’s Right Bee Cider to make for a seriously delicious sorbet. We appreciate the pared down ingredients list that permits the honey-hinted taste of apples to ring cleanly through each spoonful. While the flavor of hard cider is subtle, this is nonetheless a perfectly summer-ready pint. $12,

Ben and Jerry’s | Urban Bourbon
Childhood friends, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, churned out their first pint of the good stuff in 1978. Now, the Vermont-based ice creamery gets boozy with its new release: Urban Bourbon. Burnt caramel ice cream provides a sugary base that is tempered by crunchy almonds and leveled-up with bourbon-infused caramel swirls. While the bourbon’s smoke is subtle, rich fudge flakes add a tantalizing snap to each bite. $6.99/

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