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Ease into the holiday festivities with a round of aperitif cocktails. Lower in alcohol than more spirit-forward sippers, and with approachable, appetite-sparking flavors, these six recipes are a cinch to make (you don’t want to spend too much time away from the stove) and just the drinks to prime palates for food-fueled holiday festivities.

Arancia Spritz Orange curaçao adds a dash of bittersweet depth to this lush Spritz.

Adonis Dry sherry, sweet vermouth and orange bitters cause quite a stir in this 19th-century aperitif.

Negroni di Aquila A softer, fall-friendly take on the Sbagliato.

Reverse Martini Dry vermouth takes the driver’s seat.

Sherry Tonic With sherry instead of gin, this tall drink is gentle enough to sip all afternoon.

Washington’s Mule This year, we’re giving thanks for this spirited apple and ginger-spiced sipper from Seattle’s Jamie Boudreau.

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