Where to Drink in Downtown Los Angeles

Long dodged by locals and tourists alike, downtown Los Angeles has seen a stunning resurgence of late. Thanks to an influx of cocktail bars, hotels, coffee shops and restaurants (greeted by some existing outstanding spots), DTLA has quickly become an epicenter of stellar food and drink.

Ace Hotel
It’s hard to miss downtown LA’s Ace Hotel. Housed in a towering, renovated building from the 1920s, the Ace offers guests more than just a spot to rest their heads. Moon Juice on the main level offers a wellspring of organic juices, while the lobby coffee bar brews Stumptown into the night. But for a real escape, head to the rooftop pool bar, where blended drinks offer a cooling antidote to the warm SoCal sun.
Get there: 929 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

Apartment A
Looking for an amazing space for your next private cocktail event? This is it. Apartment A is a gorgeous garden-inspired space in the center of the Arts District. They have a full kitchen and bar, and with Brandyn Tepper mixing drinks, you’re guaranteed a fantastic cocktail experience.
Get there: 652 Mateo St., Los Angeles

Bar Ama
Three words: Super. Nacho. Hour. And it goes until 7 p.m. on weeknights (a late-night version spans 10 p.m. to close). Pair that with some made-to-order guac, seasonal Margaritas, Sangritas, draft Micheladas, and tequila- and mezcal-driven cocktails, and you’ve got every reason to visit Bar Ama.
Get there: 118 W. 4th St., Los Angeles

With one of the city’s most beloved wine lists, Bestia is a must-visit spot in DTLA. But beyond wine, the experience is flavored with incredible cocktails and food, including house-cured charcuterie, sourdough starters from yeast cultivated by chef Ori Menashe baked into woodfired pizzas and pastry chef Genevieve Gergis’ fine sweets.
Get there: 2121 7th Pl., Los Angeles 

When is a sandwich shop not just a sandwich shop? Dating back to 1908, this dimly lit, oldtimey diner might be known for its French Dips, but its cocktails are just as notable. Oh, and did you know they have a hidden bar in the back?
Get there: 118 E. 6th St., Los Angeles

Faith & Flower
When it comes to dining out, it’s a common conundrum for cocktail drinkers—go to a restaurant with fantastic food but so-so drinks, or head to a bar with fantastic cocktails but so-so food. At Faith & Flower, you can have your cocktail and eat well, too. Bar manager Michael Lay’s drinks menu is inventive and enticing, and the food options range from deviled eggs with kimchee to mesquite-grilled ribeye with vermouth jus. Or, reserve your weekend brunch table for housemade Clarified Milk Punch with malted waffles and braised bacon.
Get there: 705 W. 9th St., Los Angeles

Grand Central Market
Whether you’re shopping for the city’s best almond milk latte (hello, G&B!), a fizzy ice cream float (hit up McConnell’s Ice Cream) flavorful, fresh juices (head to Press Brothers Juicery) or one of the city’s best burgers (Belcampo Meat Co., no question), the nearly century-old Grand Central Market offers a confluence of flavors and experiences.
Get there: 317 S. Broadway, Los Angeles

The disco-inspired décor of this popular DTLA spot—complete with neon, light-up dance floor— is matched by an equally energetic cocktail menu. Try the High Tea with gin, bergamot-infused sweet vermouth, pineapple gomme and citrus, or the Get Up 2 Get Down with bourbon, Curacao, cold-brew coffee and orange juice.
Get there: 819 S. Flower St., Los Angeles

The Varnish
What was once a former storage room in the back of Cole’s is now a bustling cocktail saloon. The Varnish mixes cocktails both old and new, and either way, they’re always delicious. Settle into one of the cozy booths with a little live jazz and drink the night away.
Get there: 118 E. 6th St., Los Angeles