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Crocodile Tail: A Tequila Martini

Matty Eggleston, beverage director at Monterey’s Stokes Adobe (one of our favorite places to drink in the Central Coast California town), recommends batching this cocktail to enjoy as a freezer martini (see below). With a base of tequila, a couple of dashes of mezcal, two types of vermouth, and a bit of amaro, Eggleston says “all the flavors and botanicals sort of roll over the palate in waves.”


  • Tools:mixing glass, barspoon, strainer
  • Glass:frozen coupe or martini
  • Garnish:nasturtium leaf


Add all of the ingredients to a mixing glass filled with lots of ice. Strain into a frozen glass. Garnish with a floating nasturtium leaf. Squeeze a lime peel (peel side out) over the drink, dripping some juice both on the leaf and in the drink. Discard the lime peel.

NoteFor the mezcal, Eggleston says any single-varietal that isn’t espadin will work.

Freezer MartiniCombine 375ml dry vermouth, 375ml blanco vermouth, 64 oz. tequila, and 18 oz. filtered water in a bottle and store in the freezer. Add dashes of amaro and mezcal to order.

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