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Episode 1: Welcome to Radio Imbibe

For the pilot episode, we discuss COVID-19 and the bar world, we chat with Matty Newton, illustrator of July/August issue, and bartender Abigail Gullo mixes an Old Cuban.

Radio Imbibe is the audio home of Imbibe magazine. In each episode, we dive into liquid culture, exploring the people, places, and flavors of the drinkscape through conversations about cocktails, coffee, beer, spirits, and wine.

For episode 1, we talk to Alba Huerta of Julep in Houston and Ivy Mix of Leyenda in Brooklyn about the challenges of owning a bar during the COVID-19 crisis. We also chat with Matty Newton, the illustrator who tackled our July/August 2020 issue, about how he took on such a challenging project; we ask Abigail Gullo from Ben Paris in Seattle to mix a favorite summer cocktail, the Old Cuban; and we hear from Brooklyn bar owner St. John Frizell about his experiences with Fort Defiance and Gage & Tollner in the era of COVID-19, in an essay he wrote for our July/August 2020 issue

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