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No. 31: May/June 2011




    The S.O.S., Fallen Angel, Yirgacheffe Cooler, Peaches & Herb, A Spot of Tea, Tequila Cup, Charentes Shrub, The Barkeep’s Whimsy, Newark, Catcher in the Rye, Aston Martin, White Toga, Charmane’s Star


    Beer Profiteroles With Chocolate-Beer Sauce


    Rhubarb Bitters


    Big Love

    Imbibe is turning 5, and we can’t believe how much has happened with drinks over the past few years—we celebrate the highlights.

    Dinner & Drinks

    In San Francisco, restaurants are serving up some of the best cocktails in the city.

    So the Story Gose

    A salty, sour German beer is making a delicious comeback. Read More »

    New Vintage

    Three young winemakers bridge the past and the future of American wine.

    Pop Goes the Coffee Shop

    Temporary cafés deliver great coffee to the people, one vacant space at a time. Read More »



    A noble syrup adds complexity to cocktails, where to find the best wine on tap, and Debi Mazar and her husband chat about their new show Extra Virgin.

    Dr. Cocktail

    Finding a buried treasure on the island of misfit cocktails.


    Wondering about the purpose of a julep strainer? Looking for a good coffee cocktail recipe? We’ve got answers.


    Brighten your day with a bottle of limoncello.


    Reusable bottles that are ready for the office, gym or trail.


    Nearly two centuries later, Pimm’s No. 1 is still a winning formula. Read More »


    Chris Hannah is not ahead of the curve, not behind it. Just slightly off to one side.

    Mix It Up

    When rhubarb season arrives, think beyond the pie tin and whip up a batch of bitters.

    Scene Scout

    Cocktails go non-partisan at Austin’s Bar Congress.


    We scream for chocolate-drizzled, beer ice cream puffs.


    Coffee syrup is the secret to Rhode Island’s favorite creamy confection. Read More »

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