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New-School Canned Cocktails

Canned cocktails seem to be everywhere these days, but not all of them are created with equal attention to quality. Fortunately, the RTD cocktail category keeps improving, and today, you can find a fast-growing selection of options that feature quality ingredients and make cocktail hour easier and more delicious than ever. Here are nine to try.

Siponey Royale Siponey founders Amanda Victoria and Joseph Mintz tasted American whiskeys for a full year before they found one worthy of canning. Siponey Royale is the first release from the brand and features a 4-year-old rye base, real lemon juice, wildflower honey, and sparkling water all sourced from producers within a 175-mile range in upstate New York. With excellent carbonation that leads Siponey to drink like a brut Champagne, the burst of lemon and soft sweetness of honey prove excellent wingmen to the rye, whose warming spice lingers with each sip. Plus, Siponey aims to raise honey bee habitat-awareness through donations to apiaries. $54.99 for a 355ml eight-pack,

LiveWire Drinks Honeydew Collins Joey Bernardo’s original Honeydew Collins makes its way to can via Aaron Polsky’s LiveWire Drinks, a brand on a mission to secure national audiences and royalty rights for all-star bartenders. With a gin base, the cocktail is a rollercoaster of coconut and honeydew enlaced with lime leaf and balancing botanical notes of elderflower. The carbonation zings and brings this juicy, not-to-sweet charmer to in-your-face life. $19.99 for a 355ml four-pack,

Angeleno Spritz California-based craft distillery Ventura Spirits has made the ever-popular spritz pop-able and portable. Using their Amaro Angeleno—an Aperol-style bitter gone on a SoCal vacay—for the base, this absolute refresher brilliantly showcases citrus highlights from Valencia orange and rounds out the appeal with a flash of bitter gentian and elegant florals. $20 for a 200ml six-pack,

Empirical Can 01 Founded in 2017 by Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, self-described “flavor company” Copenhagen’s Empirical Spirits has proceeded to rock the industry with their no-holds-barred approach to booze. Made using a vacuum-distilled spirit of beet molasses and Belgian saison yeast, Empirical’s Can 01 will taste like nothing you’ve tried before, complex in its layers of tart gooseberry, needling Douglas Fir, and toasted birch tied together by delicate milk oolong tea. RIYL: flanders red ale, gin cocktails, tea highballs. $45 for a 330ml four-pack,

Social Hour Gin & Tonic Bar industry vets Julie Reiner and Tom Macy launched their much obsessed-over Social Hour line in August with three headliners: a Whiskey Mule, a Gin & Tonic, and a Pacific Spritz. Made with spirits sourced from New York Distilling Company as well as custom-made elements like the tonic water and the aperitivo, the trio prove easy to drink anywhere. The crisp Gin & Tonic strikes out as the star, measuring star-bartender balance and fun. “Frankly, the Gin & Tonic we have is better than a Gin & Tonic you can make because the whole thing is carbonated,” says Reiner. $19.95 for a four-pack,

St. Agrestis Spritz Brooklyn spirits company St. Agrestis, known for their top-notch amaro and spot-on bottled negroni, released its canned spritz in 2019, motivated by the amount of Prosecco gone to waste after bottles were popped for a cocktail or two. Combining its unreleased Paradiso Aperitivo with Italian sparkling wine and bubbly water, this spritz knocks refreshing out of the park. The citrus-forward aperitivo used was designed with the spritz in mind, and creates soft herbal waves and a blissfully bittersweet finish in the can. $19.99 for a 187ml four-pack,

Tip Top Proper Cocktails Old Fashioned With a lineup that includes a Negroni, a Manhattan, and an Old Fashioned, Tip Top Proper Cocktails offer “the classics, at your convenience.” The adorable, vintage-inspired cans made in collaboration with Atlanta bar owner Miles Macquarrie offer simple all-spirits builds for easy sipping. Our favorite is the Old Fashioned, which offers an easy and stiff sipper when poured over ice. $32 for a 100ml eight-pack,

Big Star Margaritas Following a year of tinkering, Chicago’s beloved taco spot Big Star released its canned Margaritas for at-home enjoyment this summer. Working with former Violet Hour beverage director Robby Haynes, the thirst-quenching Margarita is formulated with tequila and triple sec liqueur and accomplishes the task of translating the classic cocktail to the can with incredible success. $19.99 for a 355ml four-pack,

Post Meridiem Spirits Hemingway Daiquiri Packing the spirituous punch of a blend of white rums, maraschino liqueur, real lime juice, and simple syrup, the Hemingway Daiquiri from Georgia’s Post Meridiem Spirits does right by the classic Cuban cocktail. Using proper proportions (the full recipe is listed on the can’s front), this petite thrill emerges bright and ready to delight when enjoyed over ice. See for information on pricing and distribution

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