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Drink of the Week: Death & Co Canned Cocktails

Canned cocktails are by no means a new phenomenon. But the popularity of ready-to-drink options like hard seltzer and more than a year of stay-at-home drinking certainly contributed to the boom. A veritable tidal wave of canned cocktails has crossed our desks, not all of them winners. Fortunately, bona fide cocktail professionals are getting in on the game. And the new Death & Co canned cocktails are an example of just how good the ready-to-drink category can be.

Death & Co collaborated with The Craft Spirits Cooperative to supply the base liquors. The canned cocktails feature spirits like Bimini gin, Clear Creek brandy, and Woody Creek Distillers vodka and bourbon. The initial trio features a vodka highball accented with green tea, sake and mint; a dressed-up Buck cocktail with bourbon, ginger, and amaro; and—my personal favorite—a gin fizz with red bitter, passion fruit, and vanilla. The Death & Co offerings capture the vibrancy and balance of a freshly prepared cocktail that is so often lost once a drink is canned. $20-24/4-pack, drinkfellows.com

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