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The satisfaction that comes from a good drink doesn’t end at the edge of the glass. A well-designed bar can fire the imagination as much as any cocktail, and a café’s environment can elevate the experience of sipping a cup of coffee from excellent to sublime. For Imbibe’s Design Issue we’re doing things a little differently—we’re looking at drinks through a design-oriented lens. Our editors pored over a long list of favorite drinking spaces across the U.S., and we narrowed it down to 50 spots that please the eye as much as the palate, from venerable hotel bars such as Bemelmans Bar at New York City’s Carlyle Hotel, to vividly designed must-visit places like Whitechapel in San Francisco.

Click through the gallery above to see some of our favorite places that made the list, and be sure to pick up an issue to read more about the influence designers are having on the worlds of beer, wine, cocktails and spirits. Looks may not be everything, but great design can definitely make a good drink more enjoyable.

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