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Imbibe’s Tasting Notes Enewsletter, 08.17.22

The season’s tomatoes don’t last long in my household these days. Ditto for the ears of corn that still smell of fresh grass, and the peaches heavy with sweet juice that I’ve been bringing home in recent weeks.

Last year, at the peak of our first Covid summer, New York Times editor (and cocktail enthusiast) Dan Saltzstein posted a summer Martini hack on Twitter that I turned to again just last night. Pick a good candidate from the pile of ripe tomatoes sitting out on your kitchen counter; slice it as you like, and sprinkle enough salt to show the tomato how much you care. After 30 minutes or so—or until you just can’t wait any longer—scoop a spoonful or two of the tomato water that’s collected in the bottom of the dish, and add it to your mixing glass. Then, add gin and dry vermouth following your favorite approach to the Martini, stir it all with ice until it’s as cold as an August day is hot, and strain the cocktail into a glass that’s rested in your freezer all day just waiting for this moment. Dirty Martini? Not in the slightest—nothing could be more pure than this simple cocktail. Sip, snack on some salty tomato slices, and find yourself wishing summer could last just a bit longer.

If your day cries out for something even colder, try a Campari Granita or a slushy gin cocktail. Perhaps a tequila and watermelon cocktail will do the trick, or take your dinner outside with a chilled bottle of sparkling red wine

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With September on deck, that means Negroni Week is right around the corner. Put it on your calendar for September 13-19, and get on board as we toast some amazing charitable causes with our favorite classic cocktail.



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