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Two of the most popular ginger beer (or ale, depending on who you ask) cocktails, the Moscow Mule and the Kentucky Buck, are perfect for late-summer sipping. Combining spirit, citrus and ginger beer, the format of both is remarkably easy to riff on—here are some of our favorite recipes.

With Lime Juice

Classic Moscow Mule
In 1941, a Hollywood bar owner met with a liquor distributor on the Sunset Strip and mixed the first Moscow Mule as a marketing tool to sell more vodka.

Chilcano Cocktail
Before the Moscow Mule, the Chilcano brought pisco and ginger beer together.

Ivan Drago’s Fernet Mule
Fernet Branca adds a bracing kick of bitterness to the traditional mule format.

Monte Mule
Amaro Montenegro joins the party in this ginger beer cocktail from Chicago.

Oaxaca Mule
Mezcal is the kicker in this earthy take on the classic Moscow Mule.

Washington Mule
Spirited applejack adds a splash of Americana to this peppery take on the traditional Moscow Mule.

With Lemon Juice

Chauncy Buck
This riff on a classic Buck infuses the flavor of plum gin with fresh citrus and peppery ginger beer.

Kentucky Buck
Erick Castro’s Kentucky Buck combines muddled strawberries with bourbon, citrus, bitters and ginger beer for a cocktail that’s simple to make, but even easier to drink.

Joe Buck
A splash of homemade Dijon syrup adds a tangy kick to this gingery cocktail from Austin’s Midnight Cowboy.

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