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There’s no party crasher like a broken glass. Thanks to the array of shatterproof glassware available these days, there’s no need to sacrifice style for safety, no matter what you’re drinking. Spilt drinks no longer mean split glassware—we’ve rounded up six options that can take an accidental nudge and look good while doing it.

DuraClear Titan Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Built from BPA-free DuraClear Tritan, this six-piece set promises fashionable Old Fashioneds without fuss, breakage, cloudiness, or discoloration. Host carefree cocktail soirees around the pool, barbeque, or picnic blanket, then run the glasses through the dishwasher and stack them when you’re through. Plus, six unique shades take the guesswork from figuring out whose drinks is whose. $69/6-pack,

Urban Bar Iris Coupe Glasses

Don’t let the delicate coupe silhouette fool you—this hard-wearing Tritan plastic set from Urban Bar can tumble like a champ. Bring your top bar game to the backyard with the stemware it deserves; each glass holds 9.8 ounces, so chill your Champagne just in time for hosting. $64.99/6-pack,

Cocktail Kingdom Acrylic Pearl Diver

The enticing curves of the iconic Pearl Diver glass get a durable touch at the hands of Cocktail Kingdom. Made in collaboration with Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, these acrylic glasses deliver 12 ounces of tropical flavor to any setting. $32.99/4-pack,

West Elm Fluted Acrylic Glassware

Designer Aaron Probyn created this line of fluted acrylic drinkware for West Elm. Holding 15 ounces, the highball has a high profile, making it a standout for summer drinking. Available in four colors, from pink grapefruit to silver pine, this lovely set makes drinking al fresco easy. $32/4-pack,

Falcon Enamelware Tumbler

A classic enamelware tumbler is timeless in its simplicity and durability. Perfect for serving indoors or out, these cups from U.K.-based Falcon are ideal for doling out frozen drinks to a crowd. Made from porcelain enamel–coated heavy gauge steel, the indestructible tumblers hold 10 ounces. Drops may chip the exterior, but we call that building character. $11,

Fortessa Shatterproof Outdoor Wine Glasses

The easiest wine glasses you’ll ever own, this stemware set from Fortessa Tableware Solutions is constructed from shatterproof and dishwasher-safe Tritan, yet retains its elegance. Red and white glass styles are available in a stunning selection of colors, so happy hour can migrate to the backyard without worry. $72/6-pack,

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