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Drink of the Week: Leitz “Eins Zwei Zero” Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rosé and Riesling Cans

There’s something about alcohol-free wine that feels conceptually more difficult to swallow than its brewed NA counterparts. Zero-percent beer has been popular in Germany for centuries preceding its recent takeover of U.S. markets, but wine sans spirit conjures up memories of what might seem its kiddie kin: grape juice. However, once again Germany proves a leader in the spirit-free field as wines from the Rheingau-based grower and producer Leitz are among those turning taste buds toward dealcoholized wines. 

Leitz’s “Eins Zwei Zero” label began bottling high-quality, zero-alcohol wines made from their top-notch fruit back in 2007, and more recently introduced canned versions of their rosé and Riesling, both sparkling with the addition of carbon dioxide. The producer uses vacuum distillation to remove the wine’s alcohol content, while maintaining low temperatures to preserve the wine’s more delicate flavors. The Riesling is flush with peach, lemon, and palate-cleansing minerality, while the rosé—made from 100 percent Pinot Noir—bears pinpoint carbonation that delivers the refreshing sweet-tart flavors of raspberry and cranberry. While drinkers shouldn’t go in expecting a carbon copy of traditional wine, both cans (which are highly food-friendly) make a lovely choice for an alcohol-free summer day.  $6 per 250 ml. can, parkavenuewines.com

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