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Drink of the Week: Corbin Cash Sweet Potato Liqueur

corbin-cash-sweet-potato-liqueurThe liqueur category is about as diverse these days as you can imagine and today’s Drink of the Week—Corbin Cash Barrel Reserve Sweet Potato Liqueur—is widening that variety even more. The latest release from California’s Sweet Potato Spirits—a company formed by fourth-generation sweet potato farmer David Souza—it’s distilled from sweet potatoes grown on the family farm, aged for up to four years in oak barrels and flavored with brown sugar and an assortment of other winter spices. It tastes like a subtle cross between a dry, aged whiskey and an earthy sweet potato syrup. Try using it in place of whiskey in a Whiskey Sour for a more honeyed, dessert-like version of the classic, or add a skosh to your next Old Fashioned (in place of syrup) for an added earthy sweetness. $37, klwines.com

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