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Drink of the Week: The Fords Gin Co. Sloe Gin

Sloe gin’s game just got a big boost. Fords Gin was already a favorite pour in the cocktail crowd. And this spring, the brand introduced the latest expression in its Journeys in Gin lineup: The Fords Gin Co. Sloe Gin.

And this all comes just in time for Memorial Day weekend and the summer season when all thoughts are turning to that warm-weather classic, the Sloe Gin Fizz.

Okay, I just made that up. Chances are pretty good that you’ve never had a Sloe Gin Fizz (or if you have, then your total fizz consumption is likely in the single digits). And what about another classic cocktail like the Charlie Chaplin or the Millionaire Cocktail, or maybe something contemporary like the Bee’s Gees? I’m guessing a few more hands may have gone up, but not all that many.

All these drinks share sloe gin as a common ingredient. For years—decades, even—decent versions of sloe gin were hard to come by in the U.S. And even in its British birthplace, sloe gin long stagnated. Its reputation as everyone’s grandmother’s favorite drink didn’t exactly boost its fortunes.

But quality spirits beget cocktail rediscovery and innovation. And that’s where Fords Sloe Gin comes in. Hand-picked sloe fruit from France and England is steeped for 12 weeks in a high-proof version of the standard Fords Gin from Thames Distillery in London. The infusion is then sweetened and brought down to a still-muscular 58 proof for bottling. 

While some sloe gins lean sweet or syrupy, Fords Sloe Gin makes sure the gin’s character remains a crucial player. The brightness of juniper and citrus zest balances out the rich fruit flavors of cherries and figs, finishing with a gentle honeyed bitterness and whiffs of baking spice. 

The Summer of Sloe Gin? Well, why not? $34/700ml, reservebar.com 

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