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Drink of the Week: Ruby x Public Records Grapes of Knowledge

When summer hits Portland, the events—and the drinking opportunities—begin to pile up. Luckily, Grapes of Knowledge arrives just in time to keep the party going, NA-style. This hibiscus-forward play on Lambrusco is a collaboration between hibiscus beverage Ruby and the trendy Brooklyn-based Public Records.

To make Grapes of Knowledge, Ruby simply amplifies its original base of Concord grape juice and brewed hibiscus. Infused with bubbles, the drink emulates those fruity, sparkling red characteristics that Lambrusco possesses. Plus, the can’s custom artwork by Public Records co-founder Shane Davis adds an extra layer of intentionality and ups the cool factor.

When I’m opting out of alcohol for the night, I usually just drink water or tea. But the botanic tartness and juicy wine-like qualities of Grapes of Knowledge make it a drink worth sipping. And the Concord grape even gives it a degree of familiarity, like my childhood love for Welch’s grape juice grew up and got a wine-centric makeover. As a bonus, Ruby’s key ingredient, hibiscus, is loaded with antioxidants, and the only sugar comes from the organic grapes, clocking in at 6 grams of sugar a can.

I love locally driven collaborations. This one, in particular, brings a nostalgic element of Brooklyn summer to my Portland patio hangs, with plenty of blissfully sober nights to come. $44.99/12-pack, ruby.fun

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