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Drink of the Week: Remedy Organics Matcha Oxidants

Like many Americans, my husband and I decided to welcome the opportunity to get out of the house this holiday season. What a wonderful feeling to savor the possibilities of the open road again and to celebrate everything we’re thankful for in-person with family—both privileges I no longer take for granted. But despite being vaxed and boosted, my pandemic anxiety lingers, so I knew I’d feel better about roadtripping if I made an effort to maintain balance in my liquid diet along the way.

To prepare, I stuffed a cooler full of kombucha, RTD smoothies, and various drinks infused with electrolytes. And I’m glad I did. After exploring the bar scenes of Des Moines and Tulsa on the way from Michigan to Texas, then batching up a punch-sized French 75 (spiked with a homemade marigold syrup) for the family on Thanksgiving, my body welcomed the balance of waking up to a beverage that feels somewhat healthy alongside my morning cup of tea.

But the cooler supply didn’t last long, which led me on a quest to find something new (or at least new to me). Enter the bottled matcha from Remedy Organics, which offers a robust line of plant-based shakes in flavors like berry, cacao, turmeric, and chai. I’m a sucker for anything made with the popular Japanese green tea, and Remedy’s blend of matcha, almond milk, maca, spirulina, turmeric (among other ingredients) offered a soothing respite from my boozy beverage forays of the trip. With an earthy green tea flavor and creamy consistency, it’s a satisfying option, whether you’re looking for a little balance while traveling, or simply taking a break from the holiday season’s many opportunities to indulge.

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