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Drink of the Week: Partners Coffee Rockaway Cold Brew Pouches

We get it. It’s summer. It’s hot. (In some places really, really hot). A steaming cup of morning coffee has no place here. It is officially cold brew season, and the new Rockaway Cold Brew pouches from Brooklyn-based Partners Coffee are a very welcome addition.

In our July/August issue, we tapped coffee industry pros, from roasters to cafe owners, for advice on making the best possible cold coffee at home. “For cold brew, my big tip is to pay attention to your brew ratios,” says Maciej Kasperowicz, director of coffee at Trade, who follows a 1:8 coffee-to-water guideline. “The way some folks chug cold brew, if you don’t pay attention to how strong you’re brewing, you can really get zooted pretty quick.”

But if you can’t be bothered to grind beans, weigh, measure, and filter (again, summer, hot), the Rockaway Cold Brew pouches are your ticket to perfect one-step cold coffee. The pre-ground, pre-measured pouches function like oversized tea bags. Simply drop one in a jar, fill with 24 ounces of water, and leave it in the fridge. In 24 hours, you’ll have a bright, smooth cold brew concentrate (remember to dilute before drinking!) ready to prepare however you like it. If you’re feeling fancy, we recommend this Peachamom Cold Brew recipe. $15.50/4 pouches, partnerscoffee.com

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