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Drink of the Week: Minor Figures Matcha Latte

Almost without fail, my morning ritual always starts with a trip to the tea cabinet to figure out which variety will best suit the mood of the day. A robust black tea if I’m dragging, perhaps a smoky blend in the autumn when the leaves mellow into a beautiful orange. In the summer I’ll reach for something light and meditative, like a green Gyokuro or Sencha from Japan, and when mornings call for a few extra moments of rumination, I indulge in the quiet preparation of a cup of matcha. Whether it’s poured hot or whisked to perfection and drizzled over a glass of ice and sparkling water, I can’t get enough of the savory green tea.

When I’m on the go, things get a little trickier as options for tea-based drinks in the RTD world are often overly sweetened or flavored. I’m a purist: Give me a good-quality, unadulterated tea and I’m happy. Which is why I was excited to find one that tastes great and highlights the pure flavor of the leaves. In addition to offering regular latte, chai latte, and mocha options, Minor Figures also makes a fabulous matcha latte with oat milk. Now available across most of the U.S., including at Whole Foods, the cans are bursting with good energy and great flavor. The texture of their oat milk sits a little lighter than some brands, which makes it ideal for summer sipping, and with just oat milk and tea in the recipe (i.e., no added sugar), it strikes the perfect balance of savory sweetness. $30 for 12 cans, minorfigures.com

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