Drink of the Week: Gård 2015 Roussanne Grand Klasse Reserve

gard 2015 roussanneOften called the red-wine drinker’s white wine, Roussanne is indeed a bold and full-bodied white. It’s also a notoriously finicky grape, with each bunch needing to be turned by hand to ripen evenly as it achieves its eponymous reddish hue. Though more common to the Rhône region of France, and often used in blends, the Roussanne from Gård Vintners in Washington’s Columbia Valley is bottled solo using only their estate-grown grapes. The Gård 2015 Roussanne is extra fragrant with aromas of burnt sugar and citrus zest. Its rich flavors of cooked fruit and baking spice make this a white that easily stands up to chilly autumn days and comfort food. $24, gardwine.com