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Drink of the Week: Fresh Victor Cocktail Mixers

Of course I own a fruit bowl. And of course there’s a steady flow of lemons, limes, and other fresh produce making their way in from the grocery store, and out to my cocktail shaker, at any given time. But I also have a busy life, and friends, and a perpetually curious thirst. So in the past couple of weeks, when cocktail hour has rolled around, I’ve turned to a few new occupants of my refrigerator: bottles of assorted cocktail mixers from Fresh Victor.

Unlike some other mixers that have been modified for a long life on a supermarket shelf, Fresh Victor is …well, fresh. The pineapple, lemon, and ginger juices in the Pineapple Ginger Root bottle? All packaged fresh and joined only by filtered water, organic agave nectar, and organic cane sugar. Ditto for combos like Cucumber & Lime (awesome mixed with gin and soda water, FYI), Mexican Lime & Agave, the prickly pear purée and pomegranate juice that go into Cactus Pear & Pomegranate, and the rest of the Fresh Victor lineup.

With outdoor drinking season now upon us, Fresh Victor seems tailor-made for streamlining summer entertaining. Just set up your DIY bar with a few Fresh Victor flavors, some chilled soda water and tonic water, ice, and your favorite spirits (or not—these are also great for booze-free highballs), and the party has begun. $59/six 16 oz. bottles (makes 30 cocktails), freshvictor.com

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