Drink of the Week: Elemental Beverage Co. Snapchill Collaborations

I once considered myself a one-coffee-a-day kind of person. Ha! These past few months have shown me otherwise. Recently I’ve been relying on Elemental Beverage Co.’s Snapchill Collaborations, first launched in March. While Imbibe first became familiar with Elemental’s snapchilling method last year (TL;DR: the coffee is brewed hot, then rapidly cooled, dilution-free), the company has recently retooled its approach to support the coffee community with a series of collaborative cans featuring partners like Necessary Coffee, George Howell and Dayglow Coffee.

The Companion Blend from Massachusetts’ Little Wolf Coffee has become a reliable regular for me, offering a structured sip of cocoa with berry-like acidity—perfect to beat the heat. With more than 20 coffee partners already signed on, and 20 more anticipated by the end of summer, keep an eye on Elemental’s website to catch the latest drop. $29.95/6 pack, elementalbeverage.co