Drink of the Week: DRAM Apothecary Citrus & Blossoms Sparkling Water

Top Note Tonics founder and Imbibe 75 Person to Watch Mary Pellettieri has a knack for identifying great alcohol-free beverages, and for this week’s Drink of the Week, she picked out DRAM Apothecary’s All Natural Sparkling Water. “I happened to be in Denver for business and I knew about DRAM as a cocktail bitters maker, but didn’t discover the sodas until my visit,” Pellettieri says. The Citrus flavor—made using organic bitters made from grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange, orange blossom, hibiscus, herbs and spices—is her current favorite. “The classic bitters and soda is Angostura orange bitters with a splash of soda water,” she says. “I know some bartenders that stick with this drink all night as their go-to spirit-free drink, but DRAM’s version is nice for anyone looking to re-create this flavor.” $18 for a 12-pack, dramdose.com