Drink of the Week: Cold Hearted Coffee Blend

There comes a turning point on the summer calendar, sometimes passing quietly unnoticed, where all of our caffeinated beverages turn ice-cold. Inspired by their own muggy, southern summers, Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, North Carolina, created a blend with those cold-brew cravings in mind. Cold Hearted is a limited-release blend of beans sourced from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopa, and Embu, Kenya. The result is a supremely drinkable combo of bright citrus and sweet, earthy complexity that holds up from first icy sip to last. So whether it’s steeped overnight in the fridge, flash-extracted over ice, or, for those who simply must have hot coffee, served at the same sweltering temperature as the inside of your car (no judgement), Cold Hearted will leave you feeling anything but.