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Drink of the Week: Bonbuz Slowburn

I don’t typically hop on the wagon for trends like Dry January. Rather, I like to keep my liquid diet diverse year-round. But with so many deliciously creative spirit-free options on the market these days, it’s a fantastic time to experiment beyond the bounds of the boozy. And the new Bonbuz Slowburn exemplifies the complex, vibrant flavors that can be found sans alcohol.

When I sampled the original Bonbuz release last year, I found it intriguing. The earthy spice of ginger balances well with the drink’s bright and bitter notes. The Bonbuz Slowburn dials up the heat with a literal slow burn that builds on the back palate. Zippy citrus flavors of blood orange and grapefruit complement the spiciness. And it’s all grounded in the product’s signature bitter base.

Bonbuz was founded in Los Angeles by Fay Behbehani and dubbed “alcohol-free alchemy.” Its roster of ingredients includes Rhodiola rosea root (a purported adaptogen), amino acids, and caffeine from green tea. Although admittedly murky-looking, it’s intended for mixing, and the flavor is still a winner. Aromatic and complex in a simple spritz, Slowburn also makes a natural replacement for your beloved spicy Margarita. $39.95, bonbuz.com

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