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Drink of the Week: Aurora Sparkling Hops Beverage

Though hops have historically provided the bitter backbone to beers, more drink makers are working the distinctive, conical flowers into everything from hop teas to sparkling hop water. The new Aurora Sparkling Hops Beverage is a delicious example of the compatibility of hops with other botanicals. As hops are a cousin to cannabis, the new beverage is a natural evolution for the Oregon-based company, which launched a few years ago with a line of sparkling, hemp-infused drinks.

The Aurora Sparkling Hops are more akin to a dry soda and come in two flavors, the lightly floral Yuzu Orange Blossom and the citrusy, herbal Pomelo Sage (my personal fave). But don’t expect to be bowled over by bitterness as you would with an IPA. The hop profile plays more of a supporting role, offering a pleasant snap of contrast to the sweetness but without overpowering the gentle botanical notes. $12/ 4-pack, auroraelixirs.com

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