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Bell peppers are available all year round but are at their peak from early summer to early fall. And as bartenders look to gardens and farmer’s markets for inspiration, the fruit finds its way into cocktails. Often used in syrups and infusions, the peppers can lend a delicious savory quality and freshness to drinks.

Basil Cocktail from Pobrecito

Fresh bell pepper and citrus create a bright baseline for vodka and Chartreuse.

Bella Donna

This standby from The Courtesy in Winter Park, Florida, combines bright, tropical notes with a hint of herbaceousness.

Benedetto Alfieri

At Anjou in Cincinnati, this culinary-inspired bell pepper cocktail showcases the fruit’s fresh, earthy sweetness.

Better Luck Tomorrow

Red bell peppers meet ginger and spicy Ancho chile liqueur.

Nightshade Apero

Bell peppers lend a savory character to this low-proof highball.

Punch Line

Tequila and sherry meet up with génépy and bell peppers.

Rizzo Sangrita

A savory blend of chile pepper, mango, and yellow bell pepper meets mezcal in this sangrita cocktail from Leyenda in Brooklyn, New York.

Yellow Submarine

Tequila meets bell pepper, tomato and chile peppers in this throwback from the Broken Shaker in Miami.

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