Apple Cocktail: Maestra

The tart juiciness of fresh granny smith apples contrasts the oaky vanilla notes of apple brandy in this seasonal rum cocktail.

1½ oz. aged rum (Cloyes uses Bacardi 8)
½ oz. apple brandy
¾ oz. apple syrup
¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
¾ oz. egg white (pasteurized, if you like)
Club soda, to top
Tools: shaker, strainer, fine strainer
Glass: cocktail or coupe
Garnish: granny smith apple fan

Combine the first 5 ingredients in a shaker and dry shake (no ice). Add ice and shake again to chill. Double strain into a glass, top with soda and garnish.

Apple syrup: Cut one granny smith apple into chunks and juice. Combine with equal parts sugar by weight. Blend briefly to emulsify.

Taylor Cloyes, Here and Now, Los Angeles

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