No. 74 July/August 2018

July/August 2018 Issue



    Mezcali Me Banana, Grapefruit Collins, Brother Drapers, Perennials & Poison, Blue Hawaii, Sno-Cone, Suomi 100, “Blue Lagoon”, Strawberry Daiquiri ( JL Remix), Cardamom, Daiquiri de Plata, Daiquiri Menta, Roho, Carrot Daiquiri, Three Dots *daq, Mulata


    Beer Mustard, Cherries in Wine with Cardamom Cream and Rose Pistachio Shortbread


    Rum’s the Word

    In the height of summer, nothing beats the cooling comfort of a Daiquiri. Read More »

    Seeing the Light

    Craft breweries embrace low-calorie and alcohol-free beers.

    No Sugar, Please

    Bubbly goes dry with Brut Nature Champagne.

    Ciao, Bella

    America finally embraces boldly bittersweet Italian sodas.

    City of Brotherly Suds

    Philadelphia is America’s original beer capital.



    Jamaican rum, cold-pressed juices, prickly pear cocktails, the Tom Collins three ways, the anatomy of the Blue Hawaii, textile makers Dot and Army, and siblings André and Tenaya Darlington on the parallels between cocktails and albums.


    What’s with the cocktail parasol, anyway?

    Taste Test

    Cooling canned wines made for warm-weather lifestyles.


    Flasks that offer tasteful sipping to-go.


    Once declassé and then ironic, blue curaçao is finally respectable.


    Misty Kalkofen and Kirsten Amann push back against the patriarchy.

    Mix it Up

    A summer pantry staple, beer mustard is a snap to make at home.

    Scene Scout

    Chef Kris Komori on where to drink in Boise, Idaho.


    Wine-simmered cherries tie together a sweet summertime spread.


    Some of summer’s best drinking is done in the dark.

    Bonus Articles

    Choosing the Right Rum for a Daiquiri

    Experts weigh in on the most important element of the cocktail. Read More »

    A Summer Playlist from André and Tenaya Darlington

    Bring good vibes to your next cocktail party. Read More »

    Misty Kalkofen and Kirsten Amann on Women Who Inspire

    The authors of new Drinking Like Ladies shine a spotlight on women in the bar industry and beyond. Read More »

    Craft Beer Pays Homage To Mexican Lagers

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Read More »