No. 41: January/February 2013

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    Pancho’s Mane, Ward 8, Winter Daiquiri, Vanilla Sky, Gaslight Sazerac, Shipwreck, El Dorado Sour, The Bitter Giuseppe, Alymeth, One Flight Up, Sexy Old Fashioned, Where’s the Whiskey, Brave Companion, Sea of Cortez, Pret a Poire, Paper Trail and Voyager Cocktail.


    Sambuca Beignets


    Homemade Grapefruit Bitters


    The Imbibe 75

    Our top picks for the people, places and flavors that will help shape the way we all drink in the year ahead.



    A new Cuban-style rum, the Mimosa three ways, five Salvadoran coffees to try in the New Year and Mo Rocca on drinking like your grandparents.

    Old Fashioned

    David Wondrich goes all-American with a Boston classic. Read More »


    Bartenders raid the pastry kitchen for the smooth and rich vanilla bean. Read More »


    Chocolate stouts that take the cake this winter.


    Which paring knives slice through the competition?

    Mix It Up

    Brighten your winter cocktails with a batch of DIY grapefruit bitters.


    A whisper of sambuca graces a simple Italian-inspired pastry.


    How an Islay oyster helped one writer make peace with whisky.

    Bonus Articles

    Outtakes from some of our Imbibe 75 personalities. Read More »

    10 more drinking spots to watch in 2013. Read More »

    Our Imbibe 75-inspired list of cocktails to try in 2013. Read More »

    A Q&A with Drunken Botanist author Amy Stewart. Read More »

    Where to score a memorable Mimosa. Read More »

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