Best Drink-Related Podcasts

If your summer plans call for a cross-country road (or plane) trip, podcasts can be a great way to pass the time, and these days, there are plenty of drink-related shows to choose from. Whether you’re a home brewer, a wine drinker or just a little cocktail-curious, here are six podcasts to help you tune out the rest of the world while you enjoy your summer getaway.

Basic Brewing Radio
Whether you’re curious about getting into home brewing or hoping to go pro, James Spencer and Steve Wilkes offer helpful and interesting home-brewing insight that will keep idle hands inspired. Download it.

Craft Beer Radio

From über beer buffs Jeff Bearer and Greg Weiss, episodes of this talk show walk listeners through a different beer style each week, offering fun factoids and well-informed reviews along the way. Download it.

Grape Radio
This James Beard award-winning podcast delivers bi-weekly bytes for casual and serious wine enthusiasts alike. Covering everything from varietal basics to international wine laws, Grape Radio is a virtual encyclopedia of vinifera. Download it.

The Happy Hour Lounge
Happy Hour is always a cheerful in this virtual cocktail lounge where host Andrew Lewis combines jazzy tunes with cocktail history and recipes. Mostly music (think Sinatra, Martin and Fitzgerald), this weekly podcast is just the thing for al fresco dinner parties with good friends, delicious eats, and of course, some classic cocktails. Download it.

AA Café
The caffeinated duo at Tulsa’s DoubleShot Coffee, Brian Franklin and Garth Bjorkland, get chatty about brewing methods, bean origin trips and other random coffee tidbits in this oft-hilarious (albeit randomly produced) podcast. Download it.

The Wine Crush
From celebrity winemaker interviews to grocery store wine reviews, industry veteran Laura Lawson covers the ins and outs of the wine world in this weekly podcast. Entertaining and informative, listeners can expect a little bit of sass and a whole lot on wine. Download it.