After-Dinner Amaro Cocktails

If holiday feasting leaves you feeling sluggish, it’s time to call on the power of an amaro to help stave off your next tryptophan-induced food coma. Bitter amari like Averna, Cynar and Fernet-Branca have long been used to aid digestion after heavy meals, an after-dinner amaro cocktails are the perfect way to highlight these ingredients. Here are some of our favorite recipes.

Avenue & Davenport
Look for Cynar and Fernet-Branca as the bitter elements in this nod to the classic Toronto cocktail.

Bitters & Smoke
Tequila, mezcal and Italian amari shine equally bright in this cocktail from Portland Hunt & Alpine Club.

Sipped before or after dinner, this bittersweet refresher with Campari, Fernet-Branca, sparkling wine and cranberry juice will help brighten spirits.

Black Manhattan
With Averna used in place of sweet vermouth, it’s like a brooding counterpart to the classic Manhattan.

Hanky Panky
A splash of Fernet helps the Hanky Panky cocktail shine.

La Sirena Clandestina’s Amaro Cocktail
Cynar meets walnut liqueur and barrel-aged cachaça.

Nassau Street
Rich, raisin-like vermouth and dry, artichoke-based Cynar mingle in this apple brandy drink.

Roman Holiday
The combo of Amaro Meletti and cold-brew make this autumnal riff on the classic Jungle Bird unforgettable.

Strato Dessert Cocktail
A heavy pour of Fernet-Branca and cold-brew coffee makes this layered cocktail equal parts pick-me-up and tuck-me-in.

Scotch Lodge
Reminiscent of the Boulevardier, but made with Scotch, this boozy blend includes Cynar and Punt e Mes.

The Suspender
A trio of low-proof ingredients make up this delightful Negroni riff.

Fall into Italy
Averna inspired the name of this cocktail, and crushed ice helps take the edge off the intersection of three powerful spirits.

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