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Welcome to Imbibe’s LA Issue

Los Angeles, you look amazing.

This issue is a first for Imbibe—it’s the first time we’re letting photographs tell the story. We wanted to show off Los Angeles’ drinks culture in the most visual way possible, so to do that, we sought out the incredibly talented LA-based photography team (and husband and wife), Dylan James Ho and Jeni Afuso, aka DYLAN + JENI. They first met almost 10 years ago and have merged their love for food and travel with marriage and a career in photography. Self-taught and self-motivated, they enjoy sharing their stories and experiences through their photographs, and you’ll see their love of their hometown come through on the pages of this issue. “Being asked to photograph for Imbibe’s LA Issue was an absolute honor and labor of love. We are more than happy to represent our city through our lens. We really want to show LA’s beautiful drinking culture, whether it be cocktails or coffee and the many people behind the exciting and ever-growing community. It has been a pleasure working with our friends, making new friends and meeting some of Los Angeles’ culinary icons. We’re thankful for the opportunity to show our love for Los Angeles.”

We asked Dylan and Jeni to pick some of their favorite photos from this special issue—a tall order for sure. Click through 27 of their most memorable shots in our slideshow above, and check out more from them on Instagram.

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