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Super Bowl Beers

If you still haven’t decided which beers to pour for the Super Bowl, no worries—we’ve put together a six-pack primed for the big game. Whether you’ll be ordering pizza, mixing up a pot of chili or grilling burgers, these brews all fit the bill, and they’re low-ABV to boot.

Alaskan Stout
Juneau, Alaska, 5.7%
There’s nothing like a stout on a winter day, and this one’s a winner. The blend of oats and malts yield a smooth beer with notes of chocolate, caramel and coffee. Save this one for when it’s time to pull out the chocolate chip cookies. And click here to read more about stouts.

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA
Milton, Delaware 6% ABV
Need a perfect beer for all that pizza you’ll be eating on Sunday? This is your brew. It’s bright, crisp and hoppy, and at just 6% ABV, it’s also incredibly easy-drinking. It’s one of those beers that everyone will love.

New Belgium Dig
Fort Collins, Colorado, 5.6% ABV
This new early spring seasonal is chockfull of hoppy brightness thanks to the addition of five different hop varieties, with tangy lemon notes and hints of tropical flavors throughout. It’s bright, zippy and perfect for game day drinking.

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye
Chico, California 6.6% ABV
The latest release in Sierra Nevada’s stellar lineup, this rye ale is bright and snappy with peppery rye spice and grapefruit-y hops that cut right through fatty football snacks. More nachos, anyone? Learn more about rye’s beer-fueled resurgence here.

Stone Levitation
Escondido, California 4.4% ABV
They say slow and steady wins the race, and come game day, low-alcohol beers like this modestly malted, citrus-hopped amber ale from California’s Stone Brewing (as well as these additional low-ABV brews) can keep you perfectly paced without needing a nap before halftime.

Urthel Saisonniere
Ruiselede, Belgium 6.0% ABV
Urthel is becoming one of Belgium’s most interesting breweries, and this beer shows why. Brewed with 20% wheat, this Belgian farmhouse ale is fruity and spicy with a trademark saison funkiness, and at 6% ABV, it’s nice and light.

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