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Trident Cocktail

A bittersweet and herbaceous nod to the Negroni.

Robert Hess calls the Negroni-esque Trident “one of my most successful cocktails.” Combining equal parts of sherry, Cynar and aquavit with a couple of dashes of bitters, it’s deliciously dry, bitter and herbaceous. The original recipe called for 2 dashes of peach bitters, but Hess subsequently revised it to include 1 dash of peach bitters and 1 dash of orange bitters.


  • 1 oz. dry sherry
  • 1 oz. Cynar
  • 1 oz. aquavit
  • 1 dash peach bitters
  • 1 dash orange bitters
  • Tools:mixing glass, barspoon, strainer
  • Glass:cocktail
  • Garnish:lemon twist


Stir all of the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice until chilled. Strain into a glass, then garnish.

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